Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Ready Made Family


Gera surprised me one day (as she often does) by telling me that she had a son by her previous relationship.  When I asked her about this she told me that she had not seen her son for two years since he and the other children on the island had been forcibly evacuated "for their own good" during a period of natural disasters and turbulent political times.  Since I am a natural cynic I realized that "for their own good" usually meant anything but that.  Gera told me that she was trying to locate him though various agencies and regain him as hers.  I gave her my complete support in this endeavor.  It took a while but finally Gera came bouncing in and full of joy and told me that her son had been located and she would soon have him back.

When Gera first introduced me to her son it was at the Glint Nursery which she was now in charge of.  Aindreas Dunnagh, or Andy for short, was a good looking boy thanks no doubt to his mother's genes.  His developmental stage seemed a little behind where I thought he should be by his age and he seemed a little hesitant about his mother.  I could understand this due to the long separation but I could also tell that Gera was deeply hurt by this.  We worked hand-in-hand gaining Andy's trust and soon it was if Gera and he had never been apart, the mother-child relationship had bloomed and the separation was nothing more than a minor incident in the past for both of them.  It may have been my imagination but I thought I detected signs that Andy was coming to look upon me as his father, something that I encouraged since he was the child of my true love.

As time went by we saw signs that Andy was fast making up for lost time.  He progressed from simply crawling to standing, then taking steps while holding onto something and then finally walking on his own.  His first steps were tentative of course but it wasn't long before he was racing around and shoving his mother and I out of the way with his sheer exuberance. To my delight one day Gera hugged and kissed me and told me that I was more of a father to Andy than his real father had ever been.  Andy is my son now in every way but blood and that is just the luck of the genetic pool, something that I am willing to accept since I have both Gera and him.  Gera's pregnancy had been moving along during this time and I was also looking forward to having a child that is both of ours.

Gera's pregnancy is actually the second that I have carried through with.  Before I met Gera I had a sub and we went through with the Mama Allpa pregnancy and a girl, Ivy Christine Farslider, was born on December 23, 2012.  The sub promptly disappeared luckily leaving me the baby which is at our OOC house and not in Glint.  The sub and I had no romantic connection which is just as well since had we I wouldn't have met Gera.  Gera true to form has become the mother to my daughter.

All of us

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