Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Ready Made Family


Gera surprised me one day (as she often does) by telling me that she had a son by her previous relationship.  When I asked her about this she told me that she had not seen her son for two years since he and the other children on the island had been forcibly evacuated "for their own good" during a period of natural disasters and turbulent political times.  Since I am a natural cynic I realized that "for their own good" usually meant anything but that.  Gera told me that she was trying to locate him though various agencies and regain him as hers.  I gave her my complete support in this endeavor.  It took a while but finally Gera came bouncing in and full of joy and told me that her son had been located and she would soon have him back.

When Gera first introduced me to her son it was at the Glint Nursery which she was now in charge of.  Aindreas Dunnagh, or Andy for short, was a good looking boy thanks no doubt to his mother's genes.  His developmental stage seemed a little behind where I thought he should be by his age and he seemed a little hesitant about his mother.  I could understand this due to the long separation but I could also tell that Gera was deeply hurt by this.  We worked hand-in-hand gaining Andy's trust and soon it was if Gera and he had never been apart, the mother-child relationship had bloomed and the separation was nothing more than a minor incident in the past for both of them.  It may have been my imagination but I thought I detected signs that Andy was coming to look upon me as his father, something that I encouraged since he was the child of my true love.

As time went by we saw signs that Andy was fast making up for lost time.  He progressed from simply crawling to standing, then taking steps while holding onto something and then finally walking on his own.  His first steps were tentative of course but it wasn't long before he was racing around and shoving his mother and I out of the way with his sheer exuberance. To my delight one day Gera hugged and kissed me and told me that I was more of a father to Andy than his real father had ever been.  Andy is my son now in every way but blood and that is just the luck of the genetic pool, something that I am willing to accept since I have both Gera and him.  Gera's pregnancy had been moving along during this time and I was also looking forward to having a child that is both of ours.

Gera's pregnancy is actually the second that I have carried through with.  Before I met Gera I had a sub and we went through with the Mama Allpa pregnancy and a girl, Ivy Christine Farslider, was born on December 23, 2012.  The sub promptly disappeared luckily leaving me the baby which is at our OOC house and not in Glint.  The sub and I had no romantic connection which is just as well since had we I wouldn't have met Gera.  Gera true to form has become the mother to my daughter.

All of us

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One small step for [a] man ...

Gera and I were wandering one day and found Janna and Chy sitting in the grotto.  Gera, being Gera, asked them about rumors that they were going to get married and they seemed to take great delight in teasing her by making contradictory statements.  I sensed that this was making Gera upset and angry though I wasn't sure of the reason. We left the grotto and the couple after Gera made some disparaging remarks to the couple with me still mystified by her behavior.  We walked until we came to the stone bridge over the river where Gera sat on the wall and motioned me to sit with her.  I sat in front of her on the ground and rested while she rubbed my shoulders.  She seemed deep in thought and we sat in silence for a while and then she said something that completely surprised me.  For background, not long after we met I had decided that Gera was the one for me but I was aware that she was still clinging to a past that was long dead.  I told her that I wanted more than just friendship or companionship with her but that I was aware of her reluctance.  I also told her that I would not bring this up again, when she was ready she would have to let me know that she was ready for the next step, and not to be too subtle about letting me know since I sometimes missed the less than obvious.  True to form I missed what Gera was saying at first and then, when it finally dawned I must admit I toyed with her just a bit, but the bottom line was that she was ready to become engaged to me.  My heart skipped a beat when I realized it and this day turned into the happiest in my life.  We became engaged on January 31, 2013 and started another facet of our relationship.

I still had some contacts with the Republic of Texas Navy and I used them to make a speed run to the Mainland and the following day I proposed formally to Gera at the stone bridge on bended knee and with a sappy speech and when she said "yes" again I slipped the ring my friends had got for me onto her finger.  We never formally announced our engagement but the notice is there on Gera's finger for any to see who are observant enough.  The wedding day has not been set since this being Glint we want to avoid a marriage that is the typical sham or farce on the island.  A favor from my friends and and an elopement is not out of the question for us.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


One of the paradoxes I had to face upon arriving at Glint was the fact that this strongly male dominated country was ruled by a female.  La Presidente, or Ma'am as she prefers to be called is the leader of the indigenous tribe called the Paw Mes, these women warriors are the only females allowed to possess weapons here.  This tribe under her leadership seized control of the island after some tumultuous times under several different rulers.

My first impression is that she was a simple primitive ruled by her hormones who often acted without thought and was dangerous to all she came in contact with.  I avoided any contact with her that I could believing that discretion was truly the better part of valor.  Since the island is small it was impossible to steer completely clear of her and when forced to do so I interacted with her in a display of respectful politeness.  This doesn't mean that all of my experiences with her were good.  I once found myself stripped and thrown in jail simply for expressing my support for Gera who was falsely accused of treason. During my captivity I maintained an air of dignity and loyalty for Ma'am, well the possible exception for this might be when I performed my version of Riverdance on the chest and face of a man who while trying to display affection towards my companion caused her to cry out in pain.  He was later released from jail and required considerable medical treatment but somehow managed to live. To show that justice still lived in the PRG Gera and I were found innocent of all charges and released.  I believe that my conduct during these troubling times actually caused ma'am to look more favorably upon me.

As I became more aware of what was happening around me it became more apparent that Ma'am was a very complex woman and far more shrewd than I had first given her credit for.  Her leadership methods seem to oscillate between being passive and extremely aggressive.  It soon became apparent to me that she was battling with the Agency who seemed to prefer that her office be a strict figurehead role and her own desires to have a more active one.  I eventually came to believe that she was vital in her position and quite capable in keeping peace (well relative anyway) between the ego driven males.  The men seem to see her as an easy conquest and their route to power and she deftly plays on this without ever committing to anyone but still leaving each hoping.

Ma'am is all woman ... let there be no doubt of that.  She is not afraid to act upon or express her desires.  Since I have been on the island I have had several contacts with her of varying intimacy and can completely understand her appeal to everyone.  She is one of the most sensuous, erotic and exotic women I have ever met and I am richer for having known her.  My attitude towards her has gone from the military basic "you salute the rank, not the person" to one of complete admiration and respect.  I did have the opportunity to rescue her from a very threatening situation once and I have never regretted doing so.  The final cornerstone for my loyalty to her is the fact that my beloved Gera is fiercely loyal to her.  My advice to all is cross Ma'am at your own peril.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Off to work we go!

A wise science fiction writer once wrote, "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch" or TANSTAAFL for short.  The same thing certainly applies at the PRG.  Since I had become a citizen of Glint it was time for me to find a way to earn a living.

My first job was with the mysterious Agency which was run by the even more mysterious Jarethe who is best described by yet another quote , "A Riddle wrapped in an Enigma, shrouded in mystery".  The Agency is tasked with enforcing the Law of Glint along with coordinating the imports and exports upon which the island depends so much .. in other words the smuggling.  I applied for and got a job as a sort of enforcer of the laws.  I soon found out that if I was unsure of a law I could just make something up since no one else seemed to be exactly sure what they were either.  The basic idea seemed to be that anything that served to demean and/or cause a woman to strip, especially the visitors, was fine.  The visitors served as the major source of one of our export items - slaves.

I must have impressed La Presidente with my abilities since I was soon appointed as the Lord High  Protector of the Hymen.  What this meant was that I was to protect and preserve the virginity of any visitor who was selected as guest of honor at a sacrifice during the full moon in order to appease the Gods.  I never have been able to figure what Gods but that's a moot point.  Times being what they are I don't believe that I ever met a true virgin visitor though I'm sure that many of them lied when asked thinking that it would either make them look better or get them a cushy position.  They were wrong on both counts.  Once the current Judge managed to "deflower" a virgin who was awaiting sacrifice and he just barely managed to escape the island ahead of the wrath of our beloved leader, Ma'am.  I myself just barely escaped that scandal intact.

To my surprise with the office of Judge being vacant Ma'am appointed me to fill the position and I was honored by her trust.  After paying her the bribe I assumed the Judgeship and began performing my duties which consisted of doing nothing in particular, and doing it very well.  The job was tailor made for me.  My experience with making up laws and rules learned while working as an enforcer really came in useful.  At times I am even called upon to give Ma'am advice which she promptly ignores and that shows how wise a ruler we have here. 

Life in Glint is the closest thing to paradise I've experienced.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Slightly more than a week after I landed in the PRG I found myself visiting the Museum and looking for an exhibit that I had been told about featuring a comely medical professional that I had met along with hotdogs strategically inserted and dexterity being displayed by balancing a bucket of canine semen on said person's head.  As you can imagine I was deeply involved in looking through the photos on display when I was startled by a voice asking if I needed assistance.

I turned and looked and saw an attractive, diminutive woman with brown hair. She wore light make up which tended to accent rather than mask her fine, delicate features.  Her nose was tiny yet in proportion to her face and had a very slight upturn.  Her lips with their hint of rose color were the most inviting that I had even seen. She was shapely and her breasts which were displayed in accordance with Glint law were not exceptionally full but were what I have always heard described as perky.  An astute reader might notice that I have left off mentioning a very obvious feature and I was just saving the best for last.  No dear reader, get your mind out of the gutter.  I was talking about her eyes, the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.  They were a soulful brown in color and were indeed what I have heard the poets call "the windows to the soul". I looked into them and was immediately drawn into their fluid depths. They managed to convey both a sparkling enjoyment of life and a hint of darker, sadder times in her past at the same time.  To this very day I can find myself getting lost simply by looking into them.

She introduced herself in a soft voice with just a hint of an accent which I found very sensuous as Gera Heliosense and said that she was the Curator of the Glint Museum.  I told her about the photos that I had been told about and she quickly located them for me.  Strangely in her presence I had a hard time even pretending to be interested in them. She quickly overcame my natural secretiveness and I found myself opening up to her like I never had before to anyone.  As we talked I learned that she was a former slave in Glint and that she had managed to earn her freedom, a fact that she was very proud of.  She told me that she was married in all but name to a former owner but that he had disappeared from her life over two years ago. She indicated that this part of her life was over but that she had been unable to completely accept that in her mind. I told her of my experiences and when asked what I wanted to be in Glint I answered truthfully, a former visitor.  I thought I sensed a hint of sadness in her when I said that I wanted off the island but that could just be wishful thinking on my part.  We talked and enjoyed sharing with each other and I can't remember a more enjoyable time, even though at one point she managed to question my sexual orientation.

We talked and found ourselves becoming more comfortable with each other and eventually more attracted to each other. Inevitably we drifted upstairs to her quarters and she seduced me, or maybe I seduced her, or it's even possible that we seduced each other. Thus we began a very rapid journey between being strangers to being so much more.  We went to the beach and swan in the nude.   We found a rug on the shore and enjoyed each others company, not just sexually but also emotionally though at times it is hard to separate the two.  Days passed, as did weeks.  We became companions in the truest sense of the word.  Our love for each other grew, this was a good thing since we later found out that it wasn't the only thing growing. We had managed to conceive a child which was also growing inside of her.  One day I managed to explain to Gera that I wanted much more than just being her companion.  I knew that she was still mired in her past love and I told her when she was ready to move on to let me know. I would not pressure her or even mention this again. When she was ready she would need to let me know, and not to be subtle since I am sometimes oblivious to things that aren't plainly stated.

Being with Gera changed my mind about leaving Glint and I sought citizenship.  She may have actually saved my life since I have stopped my self destructive behavior.  Had I continued on the path I was on it is very likely that I would have drank myself to death or engaged in one bar fight too many. She turned out to be my personal angel in so many ways.  While a purist might say that she is not the most beautiful woman on the island I would have to disagree. Certainly there are some who technically are more so but I find that Gera is an example of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.  To me there is no doubt that she is the most beautiful woman ever and best of all she is mine.

Strangely enough getting involved with Gera violated one of my basic standards.  I have always avoided women in Second Life who were married or partnered.  I can't transcribe why I have done this but I have.  I could justify breaking this by explaining that I knew that her former relationship was long dead and just needed to be buried but to be honest I didn't know that.  Call it fate, or stupidity, dumb luck, whatever but I have no regrets over this now. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Learning about the PRG

After finding myself stranded on this forsaken island I reverted to some of my old habits and kept a low profile and lurked around trying to figure things out here.  The people mostly seemed friendly and some of them went quite a ways towards answering questions and helping me along.  I typically stayed in the shadows and watched and listened but still had some questions that I couldn't get answered without asking.  I quickly learned that nothing was done for free in the PRG and the only escape I could see from the island involved the services of one of the many smugglers who seemed to inhabit the place.  I have never encountered a more untrustworthy looking bunch and considering some of the ports I had been in that was saying something.  The most honest one I could find seemed likely to take any money I could gather and then try to simply dump my body in the sea.  Complicating this was the fact that I didn't have any money.  My time was basically spent trying to be invisible and stealing anything that wasn't nailed down and to quote a famous railroad robber baron "anything I can pry loose isn't nailed down".  Escaping the island was my only priority.

Several of the helpful people I can remember are Sweetie, the bar slut who certainly knew how to serve; snowy, a young pregnant PawMe who was helpful in telling me about her tribe; doc, who assisted me in finding a place to bathe; and of course Winter, the herbalist, who allowed me to assist in "entertaining" a high ranking PawMe who shall remain nameless.  doc also told me about an exhibit at the Glint Museum, something that was to change my life here forever.

Since I am a compulsive reader the variety and abilities of the people here in RP were a never ending  source of amazement to me.  A general observation made by me is that men are quite good at describing actions, women are much better at describing the emotions behind the actions.  As I said just general and there are certainly exceptions to make the rule.

The beginning

All great stories have a great beginning so here goes ....Call me Ismael.  No, seems to me that has already been used.  How about ...It was the best of times, it was the worst of times?  Nope, that sounds familiar too.

Back to the basics I guess.  I am Legion Farslider.  Old enough to know better yet young enough at heart not to care.  Fiercely loyal to my friends and I expect the same in return.  Retired from SpecOps in the Republic of Texas (RoT) Navy, I began roaming the seas as a merchant sailor.  One day we docked at an unusual port somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle called the People's Republic of Glint PRG.  At a local dive I met a woman of amazing beauty and questionable virtue.  The next day when I finally woke up the woman, my money and my ship had all disappeared.  Thus begins my adventure of a lifetime.

This is my first real venture into Role Playing (RP) in Second Life.  Certainly I have had sexual encounters which involved RP to some extent but nothing as involved as the RP in the PRG sim.  I will use normal text for my In Character (IC) posts and italic text like this for my Out of Character (OOC) thoughts and comments.  I have found that IC, OOC and even real life at times tend to blur together.