Friday, February 22, 2013

Off to work we go!

A wise science fiction writer once wrote, "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch" or TANSTAAFL for short.  The same thing certainly applies at the PRG.  Since I had become a citizen of Glint it was time for me to find a way to earn a living.

My first job was with the mysterious Agency which was run by the even more mysterious Jarethe who is best described by yet another quote , "A Riddle wrapped in an Enigma, shrouded in mystery".  The Agency is tasked with enforcing the Law of Glint along with coordinating the imports and exports upon which the island depends so much .. in other words the smuggling.  I applied for and got a job as a sort of enforcer of the laws.  I soon found out that if I was unsure of a law I could just make something up since no one else seemed to be exactly sure what they were either.  The basic idea seemed to be that anything that served to demean and/or cause a woman to strip, especially the visitors, was fine.  The visitors served as the major source of one of our export items - slaves.

I must have impressed La Presidente with my abilities since I was soon appointed as the Lord High  Protector of the Hymen.  What this meant was that I was to protect and preserve the virginity of any visitor who was selected as guest of honor at a sacrifice during the full moon in order to appease the Gods.  I never have been able to figure what Gods but that's a moot point.  Times being what they are I don't believe that I ever met a true virgin visitor though I'm sure that many of them lied when asked thinking that it would either make them look better or get them a cushy position.  They were wrong on both counts.  Once the current Judge managed to "deflower" a virgin who was awaiting sacrifice and he just barely managed to escape the island ahead of the wrath of our beloved leader, Ma'am.  I myself just barely escaped that scandal intact.

To my surprise with the office of Judge being vacant Ma'am appointed me to fill the position and I was honored by her trust.  After paying her the bribe I assumed the Judgeship and began performing my duties which consisted of doing nothing in particular, and doing it very well.  The job was tailor made for me.  My experience with making up laws and rules learned while working as an enforcer really came in useful.  At times I am even called upon to give Ma'am advice which she promptly ignores and that shows how wise a ruler we have here. 

Life in Glint is the closest thing to paradise I've experienced.


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