Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Slightly more than a week after I landed in the PRG I found myself visiting the Museum and looking for an exhibit that I had been told about featuring a comely medical professional that I had met along with hotdogs strategically inserted and dexterity being displayed by balancing a bucket of canine semen on said person's head.  As you can imagine I was deeply involved in looking through the photos on display when I was startled by a voice asking if I needed assistance.

I turned and looked and saw an attractive, diminutive woman with brown hair. She wore light make up which tended to accent rather than mask her fine, delicate features.  Her nose was tiny yet in proportion to her face and had a very slight upturn.  Her lips with their hint of rose color were the most inviting that I had even seen. She was shapely and her breasts which were displayed in accordance with Glint law were not exceptionally full but were what I have always heard described as perky.  An astute reader might notice that I have left off mentioning a very obvious feature and I was just saving the best for last.  No dear reader, get your mind out of the gutter.  I was talking about her eyes, the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.  They were a soulful brown in color and were indeed what I have heard the poets call "the windows to the soul". I looked into them and was immediately drawn into their fluid depths. They managed to convey both a sparkling enjoyment of life and a hint of darker, sadder times in her past at the same time.  To this very day I can find myself getting lost simply by looking into them.

She introduced herself in a soft voice with just a hint of an accent which I found very sensuous as Gera Heliosense and said that she was the Curator of the Glint Museum.  I told her about the photos that I had been told about and she quickly located them for me.  Strangely in her presence I had a hard time even pretending to be interested in them. She quickly overcame my natural secretiveness and I found myself opening up to her like I never had before to anyone.  As we talked I learned that she was a former slave in Glint and that she had managed to earn her freedom, a fact that she was very proud of.  She told me that she was married in all but name to a former owner but that he had disappeared from her life over two years ago. She indicated that this part of her life was over but that she had been unable to completely accept that in her mind. I told her of my experiences and when asked what I wanted to be in Glint I answered truthfully, a former visitor.  I thought I sensed a hint of sadness in her when I said that I wanted off the island but that could just be wishful thinking on my part.  We talked and enjoyed sharing with each other and I can't remember a more enjoyable time, even though at one point she managed to question my sexual orientation.

We talked and found ourselves becoming more comfortable with each other and eventually more attracted to each other. Inevitably we drifted upstairs to her quarters and she seduced me, or maybe I seduced her, or it's even possible that we seduced each other. Thus we began a very rapid journey between being strangers to being so much more.  We went to the beach and swan in the nude.   We found a rug on the shore and enjoyed each others company, not just sexually but also emotionally though at times it is hard to separate the two.  Days passed, as did weeks.  We became companions in the truest sense of the word.  Our love for each other grew, this was a good thing since we later found out that it wasn't the only thing growing. We had managed to conceive a child which was also growing inside of her.  One day I managed to explain to Gera that I wanted much more than just being her companion.  I knew that she was still mired in her past love and I told her when she was ready to move on to let me know. I would not pressure her or even mention this again. When she was ready she would need to let me know, and not to be subtle since I am sometimes oblivious to things that aren't plainly stated.

Being with Gera changed my mind about leaving Glint and I sought citizenship.  She may have actually saved my life since I have stopped my self destructive behavior.  Had I continued on the path I was on it is very likely that I would have drank myself to death or engaged in one bar fight too many. She turned out to be my personal angel in so many ways.  While a purist might say that she is not the most beautiful woman on the island I would have to disagree. Certainly there are some who technically are more so but I find that Gera is an example of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.  To me there is no doubt that she is the most beautiful woman ever and best of all she is mine.

Strangely enough getting involved with Gera violated one of my basic standards.  I have always avoided women in Second Life who were married or partnered.  I can't transcribe why I have done this but I have.  I could justify breaking this by explaining that I knew that her former relationship was long dead and just needed to be buried but to be honest I didn't know that.  Call it fate, or stupidity, dumb luck, whatever but I have no regrets over this now. 

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