Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Learning about the PRG

After finding myself stranded on this forsaken island I reverted to some of my old habits and kept a low profile and lurked around trying to figure things out here.  The people mostly seemed friendly and some of them went quite a ways towards answering questions and helping me along.  I typically stayed in the shadows and watched and listened but still had some questions that I couldn't get answered without asking.  I quickly learned that nothing was done for free in the PRG and the only escape I could see from the island involved the services of one of the many smugglers who seemed to inhabit the place.  I have never encountered a more untrustworthy looking bunch and considering some of the ports I had been in that was saying something.  The most honest one I could find seemed likely to take any money I could gather and then try to simply dump my body in the sea.  Complicating this was the fact that I didn't have any money.  My time was basically spent trying to be invisible and stealing anything that wasn't nailed down and to quote a famous railroad robber baron "anything I can pry loose isn't nailed down".  Escaping the island was my only priority.

Several of the helpful people I can remember are Sweetie, the bar slut who certainly knew how to serve; snowy, a young pregnant PawMe who was helpful in telling me about her tribe; doc, who assisted me in finding a place to bathe; and of course Winter, the herbalist, who allowed me to assist in "entertaining" a high ranking PawMe who shall remain nameless.  doc also told me about an exhibit at the Glint Museum, something that was to change my life here forever.

Since I am a compulsive reader the variety and abilities of the people here in RP were a never ending  source of amazement to me.  A general observation made by me is that men are quite good at describing actions, women are much better at describing the emotions behind the actions.  As I said just general and there are certainly exceptions to make the rule.

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