Sunday, February 24, 2013


One of the paradoxes I had to face upon arriving at Glint was the fact that this strongly male dominated country was ruled by a female.  La Presidente, or Ma'am as she prefers to be called is the leader of the indigenous tribe called the Paw Mes, these women warriors are the only females allowed to possess weapons here.  This tribe under her leadership seized control of the island after some tumultuous times under several different rulers.

My first impression is that she was a simple primitive ruled by her hormones who often acted without thought and was dangerous to all she came in contact with.  I avoided any contact with her that I could believing that discretion was truly the better part of valor.  Since the island is small it was impossible to steer completely clear of her and when forced to do so I interacted with her in a display of respectful politeness.  This doesn't mean that all of my experiences with her were good.  I once found myself stripped and thrown in jail simply for expressing my support for Gera who was falsely accused of treason. During my captivity I maintained an air of dignity and loyalty for Ma'am, well the possible exception for this might be when I performed my version of Riverdance on the chest and face of a man who while trying to display affection towards my companion caused her to cry out in pain.  He was later released from jail and required considerable medical treatment but somehow managed to live. To show that justice still lived in the PRG Gera and I were found innocent of all charges and released.  I believe that my conduct during these troubling times actually caused ma'am to look more favorably upon me.

As I became more aware of what was happening around me it became more apparent that Ma'am was a very complex woman and far more shrewd than I had first given her credit for.  Her leadership methods seem to oscillate between being passive and extremely aggressive.  It soon became apparent to me that she was battling with the Agency who seemed to prefer that her office be a strict figurehead role and her own desires to have a more active one.  I eventually came to believe that she was vital in her position and quite capable in keeping peace (well relative anyway) between the ego driven males.  The men seem to see her as an easy conquest and their route to power and she deftly plays on this without ever committing to anyone but still leaving each hoping.

Ma'am is all woman ... let there be no doubt of that.  She is not afraid to act upon or express her desires.  Since I have been on the island I have had several contacts with her of varying intimacy and can completely understand her appeal to everyone.  She is one of the most sensuous, erotic and exotic women I have ever met and I am richer for having known her.  My attitude towards her has gone from the military basic "you salute the rank, not the person" to one of complete admiration and respect.  I did have the opportunity to rescue her from a very threatening situation once and I have never regretted doing so.  The final cornerstone for my loyalty to her is the fact that my beloved Gera is fiercely loyal to her.  My advice to all is cross Ma'am at your own peril.

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