Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One small step for [a] man ...

Gera and I were wandering one day and found Janna and Chy sitting in the grotto.  Gera, being Gera, asked them about rumors that they were going to get married and they seemed to take great delight in teasing her by making contradictory statements.  I sensed that this was making Gera upset and angry though I wasn't sure of the reason. We left the grotto and the couple after Gera made some disparaging remarks to the couple with me still mystified by her behavior.  We walked until we came to the stone bridge over the river where Gera sat on the wall and motioned me to sit with her.  I sat in front of her on the ground and rested while she rubbed my shoulders.  She seemed deep in thought and we sat in silence for a while and then she said something that completely surprised me.  For background, not long after we met I had decided that Gera was the one for me but I was aware that she was still clinging to a past that was long dead.  I told her that I wanted more than just friendship or companionship with her but that I was aware of her reluctance.  I also told her that I would not bring this up again, when she was ready she would have to let me know that she was ready for the next step, and not to be too subtle about letting me know since I sometimes missed the less than obvious.  True to form I missed what Gera was saying at first and then, when it finally dawned I must admit I toyed with her just a bit, but the bottom line was that she was ready to become engaged to me.  My heart skipped a beat when I realized it and this day turned into the happiest in my life.  We became engaged on January 31, 2013 and started another facet of our relationship.

I still had some contacts with the Republic of Texas Navy and I used them to make a speed run to the Mainland and the following day I proposed formally to Gera at the stone bridge on bended knee and with a sappy speech and when she said "yes" again I slipped the ring my friends had got for me onto her finger.  We never formally announced our engagement but the notice is there on Gera's finger for any to see who are observant enough.  The wedding day has not been set since this being Glint we want to avoid a marriage that is the typical sham or farce on the island.  A favor from my friends and and an elopement is not out of the question for us.

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