Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The beginning

All great stories have a great beginning so here goes ....Call me Ismael.  No, seems to me that has already been used.  How about ...It was the best of times, it was the worst of times?  Nope, that sounds familiar too.

Back to the basics I guess.  I am Legion Farslider.  Old enough to know better yet young enough at heart not to care.  Fiercely loyal to my friends and I expect the same in return.  Retired from SpecOps in the Republic of Texas (RoT) Navy, I began roaming the seas as a merchant sailor.  One day we docked at an unusual port somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle called the People's Republic of Glint PRG.  At a local dive I met a woman of amazing beauty and questionable virtue.  The next day when I finally woke up the woman, my money and my ship had all disappeared.  Thus begins my adventure of a lifetime.

This is my first real venture into Role Playing (RP) in Second Life.  Certainly I have had sexual encounters which involved RP to some extent but nothing as involved as the RP in the PRG sim.  I will use normal text for my In Character (IC) posts and italic text like this for my Out of Character (OOC) thoughts and comments.  I have found that IC, OOC and even real life at times tend to blur together. 

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