Thursday, March 28, 2013

Zombie Mini-Mes

The Playground
I was patrolling the playground between the old hotel and the graveyard yesterday when I heard some rustling in the grass.  Suddenly a zombie rushed towards me and I quickly dispatched it.  When I examined the body to my surprise I found that it had formerly been a child.  I looked around some more and it became evident that this area was infested with child zombies.  They are incredibly fast and it seems to me that they are harder to kill, perhaps due to their small size.  The fact that there are now child zombies on the island is not unexpected but is still mentally hard to accept.

Later I was sitting in the bar when my dear Gera entered and I told her about my new discovery.  She was shocked by my revelation and quickly excused herself to go see for herself.  When she returned she was visibly pale and shaken by the event.  I knew immediately that she was wondering if the same thing could happen to our children and whose kids these had once been.  We left the bar in a sober mood and returned home checking on the children to be sure that they were still alright.  I then took Gera's hand and took her to bed where I held her tightly trying to reassure her by my presence.  While we lay together I found myself being thankful for all of our friends who were helping to protect the island and our home to insure that our kids were safe from the zombies.

Andy, Andromeda, Ivy
Children are the future of the island and it occurs to me that we also have two wonderful women on the island who are expecting.  Both ladies have a special place in my heart and I realize that they are also a priority when it comes to protecting our resources.  Anne is a quiet, beautiful woman who is fairly far along in her pregnancy.  She is naturally cautious and seems to avoid the danger areas quite well.  Mare on the other hand is a feisty woman who is prone to be in the middle of the action and like my Gera has a tendency to rush into things sometimes without thinking.  I will do my best to watch over both of them and protect them but I know that lovely Mare will be a handful.  The other residents of the island are starting to pull together more and I feel sure that the community will all help in taking care of our mothers-to-be.
Anne and Angela

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