Saturday, March 16, 2013

This too shall end


Times on Glint have been unstable.  Nature seems to be against those of us who call it our home.  Earthquakes followed by tidal waves have transformed the once paradise into a somewhat worse for wear community.  The buildings are showing signs of the abuse that mother nature has put them through.  If this wasn't bad enough the island has become infested with what I am reluctant to call zombies but the evidence seems to be overwhelming that that is exactly what they are.  Rumors abound about a secret government lab which was damaged during the earthquakes and a virus that escaped and caused this affliction.  I have noted three main areas of this infestation.  The first and worst seems to be the long abandoned subway which was uncovered by the tremors.  The old hotel also seems to have its share though the creatures seem to be unable to handle stairs and are limited to the ground floor.  The final spot is appropriately enough the graveyard.   The U.N. has increased their blockade of the island in an attempt to stop the spread of this evil.  Lawlessness seems to be spreading and there were rumors that Ma'am was no longer in charge.  This has been shown to be false and while she is struggling to restore law to the community I have no doubt that eventually she will succeed.


The upheavals have also impacted the residents of the island, some old friends have gone missing and others seem to be struggling to survive.  My lovely Gera was missing shortly before the catastrophic events but luckily we found each other again.  She has not told me what she went through while she was missing but I was surprised that after being reunited she took a leap of faith and commitment to me that is most gratifying.  We located an abandoned building and have turned it into our home.  The building is sound and has many of the features that will make it secure from the dreaded zombies so we can start rebuilding our lives.  My friends in the Republic of Texas Navy broke the U.N. blockade and brought my daughter Ivy to us.  She had been living with her mother but was found alone and abandoned following a hurricane.  Gera has taken to her exactly as might be expected and I am glad to see that Ivy will not be lacking in care and the feeling of having a mother as she grows.  We are now a family of five overnight.  Gera and I have been working on savaging things for our new home and it is slowly coming to have everything that we need.  She has opened it to friends and strangers alike and tries to see that no one goes without food or shelter when needed.  This is nothing less than what I would expect from her.

Our Home
 Our good friend Winter and I took Gera on a visit to the subway on a zombie hunting expedition.  She is afraid of them as might be expected but we wanted to show her that while they are dangerous and need to be watched for she can handle them.  She has now developed a wary but not petrified attitude towards them.  Gera knows that she does not have to remain locked in the house but can venture out and talk and socialize, things which not only are important to her but also to the PRG itself.  I believe that as more people learn this and come out of hiding the community will start the healing and regrowth which is needed for us to thrive.

The Girls of Glint

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