Sunday, March 31, 2013

The times, they are a changing

Signs of the time...Gera and I
Lots of things happening yesterday and today.  Yesterday my Gera invited Mare to live with us since she is expecting and so we can better watch over her and protect her.  It's a good thing that the bed that we salvaged will handle three people.  Then yesterday evening Anne, our other pregnant woman on the island went to the hospital to see Doctor Rachel since she was feeling a little ill.  Anne then proceeded to go into labor three weeks early and the Doc delivered a healthy girl who again luckily looks like her beautiful mother.  We named the girl Angela which means messenger.  Mother and daughter are staying at the hospital for the time being.

This morning while making my rounds I discovered that as if things aren't bad enough we now have vampire bats.  These aggressive bats will chase you and are quite tenacious and are hard to see at first.  It appears that the bats must be living in the tunnel for the subway tracks since that is the area that I have noticed them in.  Then I was going to cross the strip of water to the gangway to the hospital ship and discovered that the laser equipped robots have become more plentiful and are now venturing out into the water. They have become such a problem that Doctor Rachel decided that the only safe thing to do is to move all of the hospital equipment off of the ship and to the island.  She then set the scuttling charges on the ship and destroyed it completely.  Her hospital is now located on the third floor over the bar (second floor for you Europeans who call the first floor the ground floor).  Anne and Angela have also been relocated there if you were worried.

Later I ventured out onto the sand bar and discovered that the animated body parts appear to have disappeared from there.  A strange coincidence that this coincides with the UN hospital ship's destruction.  I'm sure that it couldn't have anything to do with the improper disposal of parts left over from the experiments done on the ship.  After the destruction of the ship the robots appear even more plentiful and I have to wonder if they are replicating themselves using the scrap metal from the ship.  When the UN is involved you can always expect the worst.  I do want to caution everyone who reads this that just because I say an area is safe it doesn't mean that you can let your guard down there.  Every place is a potential danger spot and you must not ever let your guard down.  It's not all doom and gloom however, if we all pull together as a community we will triumph in the end.

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