Friday, March 29, 2013


Research Ship
There is now a ship docked on the South side of the island next to the large sand bar which runs the length of Glint.  I have not had the rumor that it is an UN vessel verified but it is notable that the ship is painted the standard UN white and that it somehow managed to bypass the increased blockade which was put in place by the rogue organization.  The person in charge is Doctor Rachel who says that she is here to research the zombie outbreak on the island.  Shortly after the ship arrived strange mechanical devices were spotted patrolling the area near the ship.  These appeared to be robots armed with lasers which they are all too willing to use against anyone who ventures near the ship.  Strangely enough they show no interest at all in shooting at any zombies that stray into the vicinity.  I was told that these were supposed to be sentry robots to protect the vessel against zombies but that the programming had been corrupted and they were endangering the very people they were supposed to protect.  Doctor Rachel claims ignorance of the robots and said she had nothing to do with them.  The sand bar and the waters surrounding it are now also swarming with animated body parts such as upper torsos and hands which attack the unwary.  These seem to be the left overs from the research being performed on the ship and the result of poor disposal techniques.  If this ship is not actually a UN ship then they have certainly managed to copy the incompetence that is always displayed by them. I'll leave it to the readers of this to make up their own minds if it is indeed a UN ploy.


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